Wednesday, January 01, 2014

New Year, New Baking Adventures: Berliners

Hope the start of your New Year has been delicious, relaxing and happy. Here we have ventured into the unknown territory: first experience with home-made Berliners (Berlinere, på dansk). Berliners, also known as North German doughnuts (without a central hole) filled with jam, custard or chocolate, were traditionally made for the New Year celebration, hence we started working on ours already in the morning of December 31. The recipe is from Claus Meyer's generous Bagebog, or you can follow this Berlinere Opskrift. It is quite a job (the dough part, we recommend outsourcing it to your stronger half in the family), but the results are so worth it. Best eaten warm with a cup of tea or hot chocolate: buon appetito!


  1. Godt nytår!

    Faldt over dit billede af dine skønne Berlinere.
    Jeg elsker Berlinere. Og helst med svesker i.


    1. Godt Nytår Tina og tak for din comment! Vi vil helt sikkert prøve dem med svesker næste gang:)