Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Puff Pastry, a Love Story

Are you a fan of puff pastry, aka butterdej? You know, the ready-made, supermarket-bought variety? We haven't yet mastered the croissant make-from-scratch skills, hence always keep a few blocks of the butterdej in our freezer. There are tons of things you can make it with it, in under 25 minutes, whether you need quick appetisers, something for dinner and dessert or your fresh morning coffee. Our favourites include pictured savoury cheese & bacon puff pastry tarts and of course chocolate croissants (the house smells amaaaaazing). You can experiment and use any ingredients you like/have in your fridge, and make, e.g. cherry tomato & cheese squares, or quick & simple cheese danish, or - our top choice we can't wait to taste - this awesome looking sweet baby cheeses Enjoy!

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