Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Advent calendar

Irynka's Advent Calendar in Berlin
If you haven't yet got your own Advent Calendar, it is not too late. Hurry up and either buy or make one - there is lots of inspiration in the stores, on the net (try Pinterest), for either a ready-made or DIY one. Exquisite Danish chocolates by Summerbird are guaranteed to make you happy every day until Christmas if you decide to go for the Calendar filled with candy. Or, you may want to stock it with the fun presents for your kids, using an adorable handmade Calendar created by Zhenia for little Marianka and Zacky in London. Or, someone special in your life might decide to spoil you this Holiday season, and create a cool Calendar with little everyday surprises, like the one Irynka got in Berlin. 
Enjoy the Holiday spirit, and remember to check out AOK.DK Guide for the daily festive happenings in Copenhagen !
Marianka & Zacky's Advent Calendar in London

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