Thursday, December 20, 2012

Taking a break

Delicious and relaxing brunch at Kalaset, Copenhagen

From this coming Saturday here in Denmark we are officially on a Christmas break: 5 days of holidays, a very special time with the family, with lots of hygge: great company, great food, Christmas songs, excitement over the Christmas gifts exchange, plus sleeping, relaxing and catching up on all the books, movies, tv-series we haven't had the time to get to lately. 
Speaking of movies and good TV: Netflix is a great place to start. The first month is free of charge, followed by a monthly fee of DKK 79, and you get access to a variety of drama, comedy, action, you name it, right there on your computer, phone or tablet, HDTV. And when you need a break from that, go out for a good, long, relaxing brunch: Kalaset cafe has both, excellent food and the atmosphere. Try their Mormor (Grandma's) Brunch.  
Now, just two more days of work... 


  1. mmm, this food looks so wonderful!! taking breaks are awesome :)

  2. it is wonderful indeed, highly recommend this place. Thank you for your comment and a very Merry Christmas to you Chantilly !