Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Working from home dilemma

This morning I have come across an interesting New York Times article on the recent changes to a work-from-home policy at Yahoo. There are different school of thoughts, when it comes to the flexibility that working from home offers, one of them being a dilemma of productivity vs creativity: based on research mentioned in the article, working from home might actually result in a higher productivity, however it would have a detrimental impact on collaboration and creativity. In my line of work here in Copenhagen, it is generally acceptable to have flex hours, and work from home some days, especially when we do not need to interact with anyone from our team. I personally prefer having a healthy balance of office hours combined with some flexibility of logging on from home, especially when i need to finalise some work that requires high attention to detail and zero interruption. However after a while i always miss the office buzz, the social element of having my team-mates around, the networking, laughter, chats over lunch and coffee. How is it in your countries and as a manager, would you encourage your team to work from home once in a while?

Have a great Tuesday !

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