Sunday, February 24, 2013

Best homemade pancakes

Nothing can be better than a home-cooked brunch, especially after long travels, when you have such a rare and wonderful opportunity to wake up at home on a weekend. I've been craving my boyfriend's made-from-scratch-pancakes during my entire business trip to the US last week. And it was worth the wait. Best pancakes ever.
Recipe - makes 20-25 feathery, airy, buttery, juicy, absolutely delicious pancakes:

3 eggs
1 table spoon vanilla sugar
1 tea spoon sugar
splash of beer
0.5 l full-fat milk
5-7 table spoons of flour
a little bit of butter for the frying pan
a pinch of salt

First, whisk the eggs with sugars. Continue whisking while adding a spoon of flour, followed by a bit of milk, flour, milk, and so forth. Butter your frying pan for every pancake, pour 2/3 of a ladle into the frying pan and spread evenly. Check the readiness after a few seconds and flip to the other side. Best served with a sour-sweet jam (black currant is our favourite, but grape jelly is also excellent) and vanilla ice-cream, or eurocrem, nutella, hazelnut-chocolate spread with ice-cream as well. Bon appetit!

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  1. Kuku, missing the most important point - when do we add the beer? I have tried, but mine didn't turn out as holy :)

    Also do you fry them straight away or leave the batter for half an hour?

    Merci :)