Thursday, March 07, 2013

Baby showers

Image found via Pinterest here
Image found via Pinterest here
Images found via Pinterest here
Baby shower is not exactly a common thing in any of the countries the four of us live  at the moment (Ukraine, the UK, Germany and Denmark). Yet with each year this american tradition is becoming more popular among the Moms-to-be and their friends and families. Speaking from my experience here in Copenhagen, baby shower can be a memorable and fun event, especially if organised by a pro (my friend Christina does it best), kept in a relatively small group, relaxed and not over-done on the games side. It is an excellent excuse to throw a little surprise party for the future Mom, pamper and shower her with gifts, get together with your friends (no men are allowed, by the way) and brainstorm on the most original and beautiful names for the baby.
If you are in charge of organising one and looking for inspiration, Christina recommends these two, her top favourite baby-shower websites: BumpSmitten and Chic & Cheap Nursery. Ideas for the menu, gifts, decorations and games, you can find all sorts of things in there. Enjoy and remember to keep it a surprise!

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