Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Danish Drømmekage: Dream Cake

Earlier this week I baked my very first drømmekage (dream cake): a quintessentially Danish cake, loved by kids and grown-ups. Of course i tasted it before since every self-respecting bakery in Denmark would have it on the menu, but i have never actually tried a home-baked one. The recipe i followed this time is from the delightful Cute Carbs, and as you can see on the photos, my first drømmekage did not look as perfect (far from it). It did turn out delicious, though i must admit i much prefer the taste of the topping: a mixture of coconut, dark farin, milk and butter, rather than a more dense, heavier bottom of the cake. I asked all my friends and colleagues to provide some candid feedback once they tasted it: everyone was sold on the topping (no surprise), yet it was mostly Danes, with a rare exception, who actually appreciated the cake itself. Happy baking, and do let us know what you think once you try baking your own!

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