Monday, October 01, 2012

THE clutch

Whether you are in an evening gown, or wearing your favourite jeans, on a hot date or at a glamorous wedding reception, you always need that special final touch that would lift any outfit: a sleek, cool, uber-stylish clutch. We found THE ultimate clutch back in 2010 when our friend Natalka presented her first Naledi Copenhagen collection. Ever since we all are obsessed (and yes, bought a lot of clutches. They are irresistible, just check out the colours here...)

And we're not alone! HRH Princess Mary of Denmark here and here, and Sofie Gråbøl from the cult hit Forbrydelsen (The Killing) here, to name a few, have been seen carrying Naledi Copenhagen on a number of occasions. 

Our personal favorites this season are the Royal Blue and Black ostrich with vintage goldtone snake chain. Which ones do you like?

You can buy these beautiful clutches online and at these stores. Be warned, there are MANY more Naledi accessories that you'll be tempted to put on your wish-list... More of which later. Have a great week!

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