Sunday, January 25, 2015

Healthy Weekend Breakfast

Cutting out sugar and replacing the usual food with more balanced and nutritious meals, did seem like quite a challenge at first. Especially for someone used to de-compress with the help of baking after business-travel-packed weeks. Amazingly, there are tons of delicious, simple and healthy recipes, all we needed was to look around, buy the right ingredients and get busy in the kitchen. 
These beautiful blueberry-skyr-dates-almond-hazelnut-coconut cakes from Twin-food have just the right balance of protein, carbs and fat, and they are such a treat for the weekend brunch with your loved ones. For a lazy sunday, you can just mix some greek yoghurt or hytteost (a-la cottage cheese in Denmark) with fresh berries, nuts, sunflower and chia seeds: filling and yummy. If you are in a mood to bake something with almond flour, try these Rise & Shine Apple muffins or a wonderful Black & Blueberry Crumble from Green Kitchen Stories. Have a happy, healthy Sunday. 

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