Monday, August 26, 2013

Danish design: Finn Juhl

If you like Danish design or at least lived in Denmark for a few years, or perhaps have some furniture-design-obsessed friends, you have probably heard of Finn Juhl, a Danish architect, interior and industrial designer, primarily known for his furniture design. Last weekend we took a (bike) trip to Ordrupsgaard, near Charlottelund, to see the original Finn Juhl's house, that was turned into a museum a few years ago, after his late wife passed away. The house itself is a jewel, very old school but in a cool way, as our friend Thomas said. The beautiful surroundings of the house combined with the art gallery at Ordrupgaard park (who knew that the new building at Ordrupgaard was designed by Zaha Hadid?), is so worth a trip to Charlottelund. Enjoy! 

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