Friday, August 08, 2014

Heat Wave, This Time In Kyiv

If we thought +27C in Copenhagen was warm, we certainly felt the difference having travelled to Kyiv last week: the temperature jumped to +36-37C, and it felt like sauna 24/7. Seeing family, godchildren and reuniting with best friends - all that gave tons of positive energy, regardless of the heat wave. And of course, we had lots of good food and visited a few pretty cool new places: italian Vero Vero with a beautiful outdoor terrace on Podil, Smakotella with a strong air-con and the best ginger alcohol-free mojitos, Shoti with authentic Georgian cuisine (mouth-watering) and excellent service, and of course the old favourite, Lvivska Majsternia Shokoladu (Lviv Handmade Chocolate) with mind-blowing ice-cheesecake and chocolate ice-lattes. Thank you Kyiv. Slava Ukraini!

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