Saturday, May 03, 2014

Happy Weekend

Gorgeous flowers delivered to the doorstep
Sweet surprise in a huge box: Peter Bejer best in Denmark chocolates
Treasure in a box: Peter Bejer beyond delicious chocolates
Friday night: we made it! First Rose of the season
Hello Cote D'Azur! We are going to Nice!!
Summer Loving: beautiful picture by AnnStreetStudio
Regardless of how your week might have started off, there is always hope of a happy weekend. Hope that your loved ones will be there for you, and it wouldn't matter whether they are physically sitting next to you, or supporting from another country or continent. Hope that you will persevere and once again would believe that miracles do happen. From the moment that huge 'treasure' box with hidden Peter Bejer chocolates arrives at your doorstep and suddenly you just can't stop smiling. And keep finding new joys with every step: gorgeous flowers, a surprise trip to Cote D'Azur, first in the season glass of Rose sitting outside in your favourite cafe, sunny day (jeps, in Denmark!), new haircut, and many more, small and big things… 
Thank you. Have a very happy weekend.

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