Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Delicious Easter!

The sun is shining, and Easter Sunday is finally here! How are you celebrating Easter this year? We've been lucky to visit Ukraine and get home to Denmark just on-time for Easter lunch, so it feels like we're celebrating twice - fantastic. If you happen to be in Kyiv or Lviv, make sure to stop by the incredible Lviv Handmade Chocolate boutique-cafe: they have probably one of the widest selections and best chocolates we've ever tasted. Try traditional Ukrainian painted eggs and of course the Pasochky - Easter cake (see the photos of home-made ones from Lviv (thank you, Nata, Katya & Nastya) and Kyiv (dyakuyu, Vaidochka). 
Have the loveliest, happiest, most delicious Easter, filled with sunshine, flowers, yummy Easter cakes, traditional Ukrainian painted eggs and lots of chocolate Easter eggs hidden by the Easter Bunny. Be happy, grateful and joyous wherever you are. 

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