Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Fall hues

What are your favourite colours this autumn? Ever since the trees turned golden and red here in Northern Europe, and the temperature dropped to +10C, we started craving richer, warmer, deeper hues, when it came to the choice of a nail polish, eye shadow or lipstick. On a recent business trip to Paris, we could not get enough of Tom Ford amazing beauty collection at Gallerie Lafayette (thank you Blandine :), that includes fantastic eyeshadows in Silvered Topaz offset by our new favourite lipstick in Bare. 
And with nail polishes, there is even a better choice, and our most coveted colours this autumn are teal and emerald (Sally Hansen Jungle Jem and Essie Vested Interest respectively), rich plum, burgundy and hot chocolate (Sally Hansen Plum Luck and Dior Purple Revolution. Vaidochka and Natalka, you rock), and finally the perfect grey (Essie's Cocktail Bling 203a). What are your autumn colour recommendations?

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