Saturday, April 06, 2013

Dress to Impress

(images via, Harper's Bazaar, Marie Claire, Street Peeper, Grazia Daily, Glamour UK,, Refinery29, Jak & Jil, Elle)
What is your dress code at work? Or, is there any at all?  Do you think it's important to 'dress to impress', when it comes to our work environment? This Smart Creative's Guide to Dressing for Work provides some food for thought, and in hindsight wearing a smart suit while travelling did increase our chances of getting upgraded by the airlines, or getting a better table at a busy restaurant. In our experience, knowing your environment is key to the right dress-code. Here in Copenhagen, at my first day at new job i quickly realised how 'corporate' i looked in my suit compared to everyone else in the office: people were wearing smart jeans all around me. A good alternative to looking too office-Y (and well, boring), is this selection of images from a host of fashion mags: elegant, yet fun and cheerful suits with cool accessories. What do you think? 
Great weekend !

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