Friday, September 28, 2012

It's the weekend !

The working week is finally over, and it's time to relax and pamper ourselves: lots of sleep, delicious brunch, good company, a movie, a new book, perhaps some baking. And of course we need to catch up on all the hot happenings in our cities. 

If you happen to be in Kyiv this weekend, don't miss the coolest art space in Ukraine - Mystetskyj Arsenal (Art Arsenal). 

Magnificent site that is now hosting Art  Arsenal, was for many years used as a facility for military needs. Now its vast territory is a (new) home for modern art - exhibitions, performances and presentations. An absolute must-see.

As for Copenhagen, check out Designer Forum running Friday-Sunday this week. It's a fun place to see all your favourite scandinavian designers and shop till you drop  - at hugely discounted prices. Clothes, footwear, accessories, for women, men and kids, you will find it all there. 

Have fun and enjoy your weekend !

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